Why Qpoint Solutions became the 1st Grundfos Global Authorised Service Partner (ASP) in India

Why Qpoint Solutions became the 1st Grundfos Global Authorised Service Partner (ASP) in India

Grundfos, a name synonymous with innovation and engineering, is the world’s leading pump manufacturer. Almost every big company in the world uses Grundfos’ pumps as they are high on performance and quality, low on power consumption and maintenance, and technologically advanced. Therefore, to become the 1st Grundfos Global Authorised Service Partner (ASP) in India is indeed a thing of honour and pride for QPoint Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pune’s industrial sector is one of the fastest growing markets in all of Asia, and despite the huge amount of competition, QPoint Engineering Solutions emerged as one of the best industrial pump repair and distributors in Pune. This, and other factors like the following ensured we got Grundfos’ coveted ASP tag in 2007 and since then, our relationship with Grundfos has only grown to new heights.

Focus on Quality – Since our commencement in 2002, we have always focused on quality. Though we started with only repair and AC motor winding services, we ensured all our clients had the best experience which resulted in us becoming the go-to pump service company for many businesses. This focus also allowed us to further grow and become a complete one-stop solution brand for all pump-related issues. Even today, focus on quality remains our number one priority.

The Competant Team – One of our core strengths has always been our team members. Right from our in-house staff to our on-field technicians, we only have professionals who are passionate about the pump industry. Our people have the right mix of qualifications and experience, and they are always hungry to learn more. We don’t do just quick fixes. We go deep into the root cause of technical failure and fix the issue. Our technicians go through regular training to get updated on the latest technologies and innovations. We pride ourselves in being a company that can repair, service, and maintain all types of pumps, irrespective of their brand.

Technical Prowess – We live and breathe technology. This is one of the primary reasons why Grundfos chose us as an ASP. They are constantly bringing in new technology, and our team has always kept pace with these advancements. We have an 11,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Pune equipped with all the latest technologies that allow our technicians to be on top of the game. The

They are also given access to tools and software that help them coordinate with the back office in real-time to help provide excellent services and solutions.

Niche Services – Like Grundfos, we also provide niche and value-adding services like Energy Checks and Energy Audits. These services are for clients who want to have their pumps and pumping systems working at optimal efficiency. They can save precious energy and upgrade their pumps and systems to meet modern energy conservation requirements. QPoint Engineering Solutions also provides an in-house test bed facility service where we can conduct rigorous testing of the latest products and technologies that can benefit our clients and their business.

Sales & After-sales – We are also Grundfos’ authorised distributors in Pune. They have entrusted us with the sales and service of their products owing to our amazing track record. After-sales has emerged as one of our strengths. Apart from offering pump AMCs, we have a dedicated team just for this service that is available 24/7. Many businesses refrain from offering after-sales services but after-sales are QPoint Engineering Solutions’ forte.

The above-given qualities and more, have helped QPoint Engineering Solutions become 1st Grundfos Global Authorised Service Partner (ASP) in India. So, if you are looking for anything Grundfos or pump-related, we are the only name to trust. Get in touch to learn more about how QPoint Engineering Solutions can help your business.