AC Motor Winding Services



What are AC Motor Winding Services?

Electric pumps run on powerful motors. And where there’s power, there’s wear & tear. The more complicated the operations and pumping infrastructure are, the more powerful pumps are needed, making motor wear is inescapable. Solution? AC motor winding! It’s the most logical, cost-effective solution in which the motor coil is re-winded by an expert to reset the electric conductor, restore proper insulation, and undo the damage caused by heavy use, dirt, grime, moisture, power fluctuations, and outages. So, to keep your pump in top shape, we offer the best AC motor winding services in Pune. Our motor winding services cover a wide variety of domestic and international pump models and brands.

What are some AC Motor Winding Techniques?

There are a few direct and indirect AC motor winding techniques designed for different insulation class of motors. Our engineers and technicians are adept in all these techniques, making Qpoint Solutions the most trusted name for AC motor repairing & rewinding services in Pune. Here are some examples of the motor winding techniques that we employ:

Winding type directly affects motor efficiency. Most induction motors have rotor laminations and standardized stator as their base as you can see in diagram no. 1. But many factors determine the induction motor’s efficiency: manufacturer’s technology (material purity), lamination materials quality, reconstruction of housing (added losses), bearings’ quality, and winding designed to be put into the stator slots. But a motor’s efficiency is mostly dependent on the type of winding.

Here are the three main types of winding:

Concentric Single-Layer Winding – For this type of winding, you require a higher amount of copper mass. Hence, despite being a good option, this winding type is not very popular in mass production. Technicians prefer double-layer winding for mid-size induction motors like the ones with two stator slots.

Concentric Double Layer Winding – In this winding method, thanks to the smaller winding ends, you require much less copper surface area. This method also brings you the advantage of combining a partial double layer and a partial single layer, which makes for an excellent wind of the motor.

Fractional Concentric Winding – The winding’s ends are much shorter resulting in the need for much less copper, which results in the motor magnetic field producing higher harmonics despite having lesser content and mass.

When are AC Motor Winding Services Needed?

Regular motor servicing and AC motor winding service are different. AC motor winding is a special type of repair and service job that you won’t require often, but don’t ignore when you do need this service. Since it is a special requirement, here are some ways you can identify when your motor requires rewinding:

Visible Physical Damage – If the physical damage on the pump is easily noticeable, it means it’s high time you go for AC motor winding. Look for moisture, rust, burns, component damage, or knocking sounds, motor overheating.

Sub-par Winding Resistance – Every motor’s nameplate carries information on the optimal winding resistance. If your pump has not been performing up to the usual standards, you should measure the winding resistance. If it’s not right then you know it’s time to look for good electric motor rewinding services in Pune.

Improper Insulation Resistance – Often, it is insulation resistance that’s the main culprit behind motor wear. The motor generates a lot of heat and if the insulation is off even a little bit, it can cause damage to the inner components. Therefore, if the insulation weak, motor winding is needed to get the insulation improve.

Why Choose Us for AC Motor Winding Services?

At Qpoint Solutions, we live and breathe pumps. Selling, repairing, and servicing pumps is an art for us that we have perfected over 2 decades. By choosing us, for AC motor winding service, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • An SOP-driven service approach that has been developed over 20 years.
  • The guarantee of the best engineers and technicians, highly qualified and experienced, equipped with the best technologies, working on your pump’s motor.
  • A flawless repair and service job that will add years to your pump’s performance and life.
  • AC motor winding services can be expensive but we offer competitive prices that help companies afford better services and solutions.
  • We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the industry like Grundfos, LJM Lind Jensen, and Danfoss SONDEX®

How to Reach Us?

If you require high-quality electric motor winding and repair services in Pune, you can get in touch with us by visiting our website You can use the chat features on the website to talk to our executives, or fill out the enquiry form. You can also email us at or call on +91 8605010543. Whatever pumping-related need be, we have the right services and solutions that can help you.