Energy Checks Services



A real-time, non-binding pump performance analysis that helps you figure out cost-saving and pumping system-enhancing opportunities.


Why are Energy Checks Important?

Qpoint Solutions’ energy checks identify energy-saving opportunities and help locate hidden cost savings in your pump installations and pumping infrastructure. These will have a direct, positive impact on your operating expenses.

Energy Checks are carried out only by Qpoint’s most skilled personnel. Along with energy consumption by your current pumps, the analysis also gauges CO2 emissions. The analysis acts as a starting point in figuring out the potential cost savings that can be gained by switching to energy-efficient pumps.

Energy Checks

Qpoint Solution’s energy checks are conducted as per ISO 14414 standards. This process will help us analyse and realise energy and cost-saving opportunities and how to increase the system’s operational efficiency. Throughout the whole process, only the best experienced professionals are involved.

Qpoint Solutions has its own curated energy checks system that helps identify pumps that offer the best chance to save high amounts of energy and have a faster payback time. Using this service, you will know which pump in your infrastructure has the potential to save electricity, earn more, and help you plan out operations that will increase efficiency and lower costs. Our accurate and trustworthy reports also present an opportunity for you to overhaul your pumping infrastructure based on sound data.

Qpoint’s Energy Check is Quick & Easy. Here is how it happens:


Qpoint personnel conduct a thorough on-site survey of all the pump installations and pumping infrastructure. This activity usually takes about 3-4 hours and does not result in any downtime for your operations. The personnel take note of vital parameters like pump and system age, batch numbers, power consumption, head, OW, and current operational issues.


All the fi¬ndings are noted and compiled in our energy check report. This detailed report contains information on the pump installation and pumping infrastructure, recommendation by our experts, potential savings, investment required, and accurate pay-back time.


The Energy Check Report is presented followed by a 1-2-hour detailed dialogue on the recommended solutions. This meeting also covers a comprehensive action plan for executing the recommendations.

Why are Energy Checks Services Needed?

From being a smart choice for energy savings to becoming a necessity for businesses to survive and grow, energy check services are now in demand more than ever. Many factors make a case not just for one-time but regular energy checks. They can benefit businesses in the following ways:


    • Energy savings. This is the most obvious reason to get an energy check.
    • Energy checks also save you money through increased pump life and overall operational efficiency.
    • Energy checks will also help you meet upcoming industry compliances regarding energy usage and reducing carbon footprint.
    • The energy checks reports cover your pumps and pumping infrastructure, allowing you a thorough assessment, and understanding of your operations.
    • Energy checks can help you transform your business’ energy needs.

Why Choose Us for Energy Checks Services?

Qpoint Solutions is the most trusted name for water pump repair & services in Pune. But we have gone beyond that and have also perfected our procedures and processes for energy checks. If you choose us, you will get the following advantages:


    • With us, you get fool-proof energy check procedures and processes that are also backed and enhanced by technology.
    • Energy checks by field experts who are supported by other experts working at the back office.
    • We offer annual maintenance contracts that cover energy checks and energy audits at affordable prices.
    • Our reports are detailed and offer the best solutions for your business.
    • You will also get guidance on how to maintain the pumps and the best spare parts for your pumps.

How to Reach Us?

No need to search for “Water Pump Motor Dealers Near Me”, because contacting Qpoint Engineering Solutions is easier than ever. You can visit our website to fill out the enquiry form or even leave a message or comment on our social media pages. You can also call us at +91 8605010543, or email at Our executives will get in touch with you with the right information and the best solutions.