Energy Audit Services



What are Energy Audit Services?

For modern businesses to be on a consistent growth trajectory, they must be good at energy management, and the best way to get your energy management in place is through an energy audit. If your business requires pumps, these pumps guzzle 20% of your energy requirements. That is a huge number. But this also means there’s huge potential for savings as well through energy audits on pumps.

Qpoint Solutions’ energy audit services are designed to target key areas in your energy infrastructure, so we can identify and evaluate the energy consumption and potential savings in the system. Our detailed reporting and analysis, and suggested solutions can help you save up to 30-50% energy and extend your pumps’ life cycle, helping you recoup value on your pumping investments. The audit also helps you increase overall operational efficiency that is tied to the energy system.

What are Our Energy Audit Techniques?

Energy audit is one of Qpoint’s primary services. This service is high in demand thanks to the results we deliver. We developed specific procedures, techniques, and technologies for energy audits, and have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians just for this service. Here is the methodology for energy audit:

Walkthrough Analysis – Our experts do a walkthrough tour of your facility, noting the pump models and witnessing them in action for a clear understanding of their application functioning, which will help determine their savings potential.

Note Down Key Measurements – Real-time measurements of the flow rates are taken down using ultrasonic flow metres, and power consumption is measured by using power metres. Other related key measurements are also noted down.

Data Analysis – All the data collected in the preceding exercises is thoroughly analysed by our experts. This data is one of the most important parts of the audit exercise and helps us get a clear overview of site requirements.

ROI-based Solutions – After accounting for everything and analysing the collected data, actionable, feasible, and cost-effective solutions are offered that give clear ROI figures. Our solutions also account for the pumping system, so there are suggestions for improving the whole pumping infrastructure as well. Accurate ROI figures help in decision-making.

Energy Optimised System – After our given solutions are properly implemented, there will be a substantial drop in energy consumption and an uptick in operational efficiency.

Why Choose Us for Energy Audit?

Qpoint Solutions is the most trusted name for pump energy audit services in Pune, India, owing to the many benefits and advantages we bring to our customers. These advantages are:


    • Our energy audit services are thorough. These services have been developed by the best and are also supported by the latest technologies.
    • Our educated team for energy audit comprises the best engineers and technicians who have a strong focus on energy savings.
    • Our detailed report consists of accurate findings and recommendations along with solutions that include new pumps and system upgrades.
    • Our audit helps you get control of your energy system and improve operational efficiency as well resulting in lower costs and higher profits.
    • We will help your business meet upcoming industrial compliances regarding energy savings and carbon emissions.

How to Reach Us?

For every “Grundfos Pump Repair Near Me” search, Qpoint Solutions is the only name that comes up. We are the authorized distributor for their pumps and offer repair services as well. But along with sales and services, we have also built our team to provide the best pump energy audit service in Pune. To get in touch with us, email us at or call us at +91 8605010543. You can also visit our website and fill out the enquiry form. Our executives will contact you with more information on our best energy audit services.