What is an Energy Check and Why is it Important for Pumps?

What is an Energy Check and Why is it Important for Pumps?


An energy check is a process through which your pumps and pumping system’s performance and energy consumption is analyzed. This analysis will give you a better understanding of how efficient the system is and how much electricity is being consumed. This is not something you can get done from any water pump repair and services technician. You must get an energy check done by a professional company that will do a thorough job and provide you with an accurate analysis.


But why? Why are energy checks required and why are they important for pumps?


Potential Energy Savings – The biggest reason you should invest in an energy check service is to discover potential energy savings. Energy costs are on the rise. They are eating away at the profits. There is also pressure on many industries to reduce their carbon footprint. Other energy-saving methods like solar and wind energy are expensive, and not practical for small and midsize businesses. Through energy checks, you can find out how your pumps and pumping systems can be optimized to use less electricity without compromising on power.


Operations Optimization – You would be surprised how many of your business operations need optimization. The energy check personnel will thoroughly assess your pumps and the infrastructure it is a part of. Using high-quality equipment, they will make a record of your pumps’ age, how well the pumps are working, the specifications of the pumps and supporting infrastructure, overall power usage, and water pump repair requirements.

This information will then help them make a comprehensive plan on how you can optimize your operations. You can put your pumps in the right setting or replace them with good energy-saving Grundfos iSolutions. You can check the electrical system for energy loss and fix it. You can ensure your infrastructure and systems are running optimally.


Increased Pump Life – During the energy checks, the personnel will do a thorough analysis of your pumps, their batch numbers, and their electricity consumption. They will put forward some recommendations which when applied, will ensure your pump settings are right, there’s optimal use of electricity without compromising on power and there’s minimal wear and tear. This will ensure your pumps serve and perform for you for a longer time.


Positively Impact Your Business – Your pumps, which constitute a large part of your daily operations, when performing optimally, will have a strong impact on your business purely through performance. Your profits will be higher and costs will be lower. You will also be able to expand and grow your business at the pace you want.


Whom to Trust for Energy Check Services
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