Understanding Downforce in Grundfos Submersible Pumps: A Guide by Qpoint Engineering Solutions

Understanding Downforce in Grundfos Submersible Pumps: A Guide by Qpoint Engineering Solutions


Many pump AMC service providers fail to manage the downforce generated in the water pumps, resulting in damage to the motor’s axial bearing. This damage requires immediate attention or else it could completely ruin the water pump. That’s not all. Other parts of the pump will also face heating damages that can further destroy the pump, creating the need for an expensive repair job or complete replacement of the pump. But then what’s the solution to this downforce issue? A Grundfos’ submersible pump!


What is Downforce?

When the pump is in operation, the pump’s shaft unit or impeller, experiences a downward acting energy. This energy is called downforce. Now this force is a byproduct of the pump’s design, so whenever a pump is used, downforce is generated. There’s no escaping that. If the design of the pump is right, the downforce will not impact the pump’s hardware. However, if the design is not right, the downforce will be high, resulting in the issues stated above like motor axial damage and overheating of the pump.


Advantages of Grundfos’ Submersible Pump

Through years of research and development, Grundfos have developed an amazing range of submersible water pumps that along with a host of advantages, also tackle the downforce issue.


  • For the optimal negation of downforce, the Grundfos submersible pump has the perfect design. The curves in the design dissipate the excessive downforce, reducing it to within the permissible range.
  • Grundfos’ submersible pump also allows you to control the flow rate. If the flow rate is too low, there will be a higher delivery pressure, and this builds over time to cause physical damage. Therefore, by gaining better control of your flow rate, you can avoid the issue.
  • Grundfos’ submersible pumps are designed to be simple in operation, yet robust in delivery. They are quite easy to use and install. Grundfos also provides supporting technology that can help you get more out of the pumps.
  • You get a wide range of submersible pumps to choose from depending on your operational requirements. If you are looking for submersible pumps for home use, opt for the basic model, but if you are looking for pumps to support and boost your business, the SQE models can deliver beyond your expectations.


Make Qpoint Solutions Your Partner

Grundfos’ submersible pumps are best in the market, but for you to get the best out of them, you need the right technical assistance and AMC service provider. Qpoint Solutions is the name even Grundfos trusts. Apart from being official Grundfos pumps distributors in Pune, we are also their most trusted team for repairs, maintenance, and other pump-related services. We are the 1st Grundfos Global Authorised Service Partner (ASP) in India. So, contact us today to know about the downforce in Grundfos submersible pump and get the best out of your pumps and pumping infrastructure.