The Importance of Dosing Pumps and Skids in Industrial Applications: A Comprehensive Guide

The Importance of Dosing Pumps and Skids in Industrial Applications: A Comprehensive Guide


What is a Dosing Pump & Skid?
Many industries require chemicals and other products of similar properties to be safely dosed into Processes. For this complicated task, dosing pumps are needed. The main feature and job of a dosing pump is to achieve accurate flow rate and this is achieved through positive displacement. Therefore, dosing pumps are mostly used in industrial applications. The skid is a system of which the dosing pump is a part. Usually, the whole skid system is sold as a unit.


How do Dosing Pumps Work?
The Grundfos dosing pumps operating on Electric Power Supply .It has a chamber containing the fluid that has been measured carefully. The fluid is then injected into a tank or pipe where the process is happening. The speed at which the injection is done is also carefully controlled to achieve the desired effect. The dosing pump’s power supply is also under control through a controller.


Application of a Dosing Pump
Owing to the special task it performs, the dosing pump has many applications in the industry. Some of these applications are:

  • Mixing in chemicals for the process.
  • Mixing in disinfectants for cleansing water.
  • Help create foods and beverages.
  • Help balance the pH levels of liquids.
  • Help in irrigation processes.
  • High-level filtration processes.


Grundfos Dosing Pumps & Skids for Better Industrial Applications
Grundfos Pumps has come out with a new range of superior dosing pumps and skids that are disrupting the market. Everything you expect from a dosing pump and skid has been enhanced to deliver the best performance along with a host of features that make Grundfos’ dosing pumps and skids the best in the industry.


SMART Digital DDC/DDE/DDA & DME Dosing Pump
Need a high level of accuracy for injecting chemicals into water and other processes? SMART Digital & DME Dosing Pump is the one for you. The digitally powered pump integrates well into your system control and has advanced control for precise operations.


DMH Hydraulic Dosing Pumps
If your system and process require high pressure, then the DMH hydraulic dosing pump is the one you should consider. This pump has a hydraulically-driven diaphragm and is designed for pressure up to 200 bar.


DMX Mechanical Dosing Pumps
The dosing pump is on the outside of the DMX mechanical dosing pump. This pump is powerful and built strong for heavy operations. It is very popular for industrial use.


Dosing Skid Systems
Grundfos’ dosing skid systems are designed to incorporate with SMART digital dosing pumps. These systems can handle any type of volume, large, medium, or small, based on the need of your process. These systems are perfect for pH adjustment, flocculation, and disinfection.


Qpoint Engineering Solutions – Grundfos’ Official Distributor
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