Switch to Extra Large CR Pumps for an Efficient & High Value Booster System

Switch to Extra Large CR Pumps for an Efficient & High Value Booster System


In any industrial setting, the booster system plays an important role in operations. And in the booster system, it is your CR pump that is the real difference maker. Ask any industrial pump repair and dealers, and they will tell you the best way to improve pressure boosting is through the right extra-large (XL) CR pumps.


What is an XL CR Pump?

An XL CR pump is the new generation of Grundfos CR pumps. Considered the best in the market, these pumps are exclusively designed for industrial use. These pumps are designed for:

  • High Pressure
  • Temperature Control
  • Difficult Liquids
  • Hot Liquids

The XL CR Pumps Advantages

High Reliability

The XL CR pumps are designed with features that reduce OPEC and downtime.


Hydraulic Efficiency

Thanks to a balanced shaft seal, thrust handling device, and laser-welded impellers and chambers, the hydraulic performance is better.


Ultra-modern Designs

The design and efficiency have been perfected after more than 10,000 simulation tests.


Individual Testing

Every pump goes through individual testing. First, the components go through a simulation test then a direct test. The same procedure is followed for the pump, and finally, they are field and production tested.


Low Energy Costs

An optimised hydraulic design that reduces turbulence and friction ensures the pump uses energy efficiently.


Full Customisable

The XL CR pumps are so customisable that you can make more than a million pump variants.


This new generation of XL CR pumps by Grundfos can bring a lot of value and efficiency to your booster system.

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