Need a Pump for Industrial Purposes? Get Grundfos Pumps

Need a Pump for Industrial Purposes? Get Grundfos Pumps


Pumps are an integral part of many industrial operations. From manufacturing businesses to even cleaning services, many businesses need pumps for operational efficiency. And since they perform many important tasks, you have to ensure they are of the highest quality so there is no breakdown, less wear and tear, low maintenance costs, and high performance. Since there are so many requirements from industrial pumps, there can only be a few pumps that can truly fulfil all needs – Grundfos Centrifugal Modular CM (E) Pumps and NB(E)/NK(E) Pumps.

Industrial fluids are not always watery. They have many different properties. Some of these fluids can be thick and viscous which can completely ruin your pump and pumping systems. To tackle this, Grundfos has developed pumps that have up to a thousand applications in the industry. They can handle different types of fluids efficiently and provide many amazing benefits that can boost your business.

Benefits of Grundfos Centrifugal Modular CM (E)

  • Highly Reliable – Thanks to its high-tech shaft seal design, the pump is unaffected by impurities.
  • Compact – The user-friendly design of the motor and pump make it quite compact.
  • Customizable – Different variants’ modular designs can meet your exact requirement. Pumps also have a temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Global Market Compatibility – The pumps are available in many different frequency and voltage combinations to ensure global market compatibility.


Benefits of Grundfos NB (E)/NK (E) Pumps

  • Energy Efficient – The motor technology uses energy efficiently.
  • Highly Reliable – Carefully selected, high quality material and pump know-how make it highly reliable.
  • Full Range – The pumps are available in stainless steel and cast-iron materials.
  • Highly Flexible – Optimized and configured for uninterrupted performance in various applications.
  • High Performance – Irrespective of how demanding the environment and liquids are, these pumps perform optimally. They are efficient and reliable, so you can trust them.


To know more about the Grundfos Centrifugal Modular CM (E) Pumps and Grundfos NB (E)/NK (E) Pumps, get in touch with Qpoint Engineering Solutions. We are the authorized industrial partners and service providers for Grundfos pumps in Pune and can help you get the right pumping solutions for your industrial needs. Contact us today!