MGE IE5 Motor – Grundfos’ Most Energy-Efficient, Market-Disrupting Motor is Here

MGE IE5 Motor - Grundfos’ Most Energy-Efficient, Market-Disrupting Motor is Here


Energy efficiency is the need of the hour. It is also the gold standard for all current and future technologies to be judged by. So, it is an important consideration whenever a new product powered by superior technology is created. If there is no energy efficiency, the product will not succeed. Maybe, new industry regulations and government policies might not even let it see the light of day.


Water pumps are notorious for not being energy efficient, which is understandable considering the heavy-duty work they are used for. If a pump is powerful, its energy consumption is high. If a pump is energy efficient, the performance is low. There’s no real balance. But Grundfos has cracked the formula. By accounting for the whole system, rather than just the pumps, they have developed speed control pumps that are the most energy-efficient yet without compromising on performance.


Why Speed-Controlled Pumps? What are the Advantages?


IE5 Rating – While all other motor manufacturers are still struggling to get the IE3 rating, Grundfos has achieved the elusive IE5 rating on all its MGE motors ranging from 0.75 kW to 11 kW.


Energy Efficiency – These motors give a 25% reduction in payback time and 10% more energy efficiency than IE3 motors. So, they have a much lower life cycle cost and there is a considerably lower carbon footprint.


Increased Operational Efficiency – These motors quickly adapt to the changes in the system in real-time, so your operations run smoothly. Plus, the motors run smoothly creating minimal noise. They also maintain apt water pressure resulting in no water hammering.


Lowered Operational Costs – As mentioned before, these MGE motors are energy efficient, so that is one factor that lowers costs. But there are other factors as well that lower costs like easy installation and commissioning, and elimination of unnecessary valves.


Pump & System Safety – The MGE IE5 Motors are designed for speed control, so there is much less stress on the system, the pumps, and the electrical infrastructure, mitigating the chances of overload.


Customizable Home Screen – The User is the admin of the application of the MGE IE5 Motor. They can customize the home screen according to their requirements, allowing them efficient monitoring and getting the best out of the motor.


Wireless Connection – No hassle of motor-to-motor wiring. They can connect with each other wirelessly, reducing the burden on infrastructure owing to no need for additional wiring.


The MGE IE5 motor is the real game changer. Therefore, businesses that have pumps as an integral part of operations can look forward to this excellent technological advancement that will give their operations a great boost. Stay tuned!