Level Up Your Efficiency: How Qpoint Engineering Unlocks New Levels of Energy and Cost Savings

Level Up Your Efficiency: How Qpoint Engineering Unlocks New Levels of Energy and Cost Savings


Energy has become the million-dollar question for many industries. Energy bills have been going up all over the world, and are hampering profitability. Energy being the biggest greenhouse gas emitter (73%), is also on the radar of the climate change fighters, as energy efficiency compliances will be enforced on many industries. So, energy just might be the most important issue of the future.

The best part of energy is that despite being the problem, it can also be the solution if you know how to efficiently manage it. In an industrial setting, one of the best ways to manage your energy consumption is through managing pump efficiency & system optimization. But to do this, you are going to need Qpoint Engineering Solutions’ expert solutions and services that will help you unlock energy and cost savings. Here is how we do it:


Qpoint’s Solutions

Energy Check In an industrial setup, the pumps and pumping infrastructure is one of the most energy intensive parts of the setup. Optimization of water pumping systems is the best way to make them energy efficient and save money. In our energy check service, we perform a thorough analysis of your current water pumps and pumping systems, and provide you with comprehensive solutions that can help you cut down your electrical consumption, save costs, and improve your overall efficiency.

Our expert technicians conduct a site visit and analyse everything related to the pumps and pumping infrastructure. Right from the age and model number of the pumps to power consumption and operational issues, everything is accounted for and compiled in a report. The report will then finally be compiled to have solutions and recommendations given by experts on how you can reduce your energy consumption. All this is done in a matter of 3-5 hours, so there is no downtime. Our energy check is done in accordance with ISO 14414 standards.


Energy Audit This is a more detailed service that will help you save energy. In this, our technicians conduct an energy audit on pumps, do a comprehensive analysis of your pumping systems and infrastructure, gather data, and analyse the data to locate issues and opportunities and provide you strong ROI-based recommendations that will be presented in an actionable report that will be presented and explained by our experts.

This is one of our best services as along with analysis, we also give you recommendations on the latest pumps and pumping technologies. Today’s pump manufacturers know the importance of energy efficiency and therefore, most pumps are now made to consume low energy.


Best Deals on Grundfos Pumps Qpoint Engineering Solutions is an authorised distributor for Grundfos pumps in Pune, and Grundfos is the best water pump manufacturer in the world. Their pumps are designed to leverage the latest smart technologies, last for a long time, consume less energy without compromising on power, and give you complete control of pump operations. The other advantage of Qpoint is that we are also an authorised service partner for Grundfos, so will not have to worry about finding the right company for pump repair and maintenance.


Therefore, boost your business and level up your energy and production efficiency with Qpoint Engineering Solutions’ exclusive water pump energy performance assessment service and solutions that will deliver you true value for money. Contact us today!