Increasing Water Pressure in the House – Which Pumps Are Suitable?

Increasing Water Pressure in the House - Which Pumps Are Suitable?


Water pressure has become one of the most important issues for homes in modern metro cities. With buildings becoming taller by the day, supplying water to the water storage tanks on terraces has become a challenge. Plus, with municipal corporations struggling to supply water to every part of the city, investing in multiple water pumps to increase water pressure in the house has become the norm. Housing societies are even signing annual maintenance contracts for pumps with professional companies for pump maintenance.

Many different types of water pumps can be used for housing societies or individual homes as there will be different needs for the pump. Let’s take a look at the different pumps needs and pump types:


Pumping Needs


Drawing Water from the Supply
Water supply around the city can be slow. Plus, if your home is in a high-lying area, you are bound to face water pressure issues. Therefore, you will need a water pump attached to the municipal pipeline to draw water when the supply is on. Pumps can also be used to draw water from borewells.

Pumping Water Up to the Water Tank
All modern housing has water storage on the ground floor and on the terraces. Water is collected in the groundwater tankers and later pumped into the storage on top. To do this, you will need powerful water pumps that can push water up many floors.


Ideal Pumps for Household Needs


Centrifugal Pumps
Powered by an electric motor, this pump makes use of rotational energy to push the water. Centrifugal pumps have high water discharge capabilities and are the most popular type of water pump. Another reason why many households and housing societies use this is that these pumps are affordable and easy to maintain.

Submersible Pumps
If your home or housing society draws water from a borewell or underground water storage tank, you will need a submersible water pump. The pump has a closed motor and can be submerged in water, hence the name. They are ideal for cold water that is free of particles. You can find good submersible pumps in Pune.

Pressure Booster Pumps
These water pumps are specifically designed to boost pressure. Many housing societies are switching over simply because of the power these pumps deliver. This pump is attached to a water storage tank that is filled with water. This pump keeps pumping water until the water goes down to a certain level. Then after that level is reached, the pump shuts off on its own.

Borewell Compressor Pumps
This pump makes use of air pressure to draw out water from borewells. Though borewells are not very common in cities, they can be used in rural areas. Housing societies in cities with good groundwater and cities that invest in rainwater harvesting can also make use of borewell compressor pumps.

Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps
The pump works by recirculating the water through the vanes that rotate. They are situated on the rim’s sides. This pump is also popular for household use, but its popularity is slowly reducing owing to other powerful options.


If your home too needs a water pump, you can consider the above-given options. Also, get pump annual maintenance contracts along with your pump if you want it to run smoothly for a long time. The best name to consider for pump AMC service is Qpoint Engineering Solutions. Trusted by many companies, Qpoint Engineering Solutions also extends its pump repair maintenance services to large residential and commercial societies. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you.