How to Optimize Your Pumps for Energy Efficiency

How to Optimize Your Pumps for Energy Efficiency


A pump is one of the most powerful electrical devices used in industrial operations. A lot of the output and its quality is dependent on the performance of the pumps. Therefore, they are an important cog in the wheel of a business. Pumps also draw a lot of electricity. They account for at least 20% of the power bills. Businesses that use pumps like inline water pumps, submersible water pumps, etc. usually pay a hefty power bill, so they should consider optimizing their pumps for energy efficiency.


Optimising your pump for energy efficiency is a great way to:

  • Save money on power bills.
  • Increase the efficiency of your operations.
  • Increase the lifespan of your pumps.
  • Boost your profits.
  • Grow your business.


Ways to Optimise Pump Energy Efficiency


Proper Installation – Many times, pumps are poorly installed. There are different types of specialised pumps for different tasks and they need to be correctly installed. Even though an improperly installed pump will work, it will not work at its efficient best. Therefore, you must review whether your pump has been correctly installed or not.


Correct Electrical Calibration – Reviewing the electrical calibrations and connections is another great way to increase energy efficiency. Pumps have different electricity requirements and many even need special connections and circuit breakers. Having the right electrical calibration will ensure there are minimal breakdowns and uninterrupted performance.


Reviewing Pumping Infrastructure – If you are in constant need of pump repair and service, the issue may not be with the pump itself but the system and infrastructure. There could be energy and efficiency losses at critical junctures that you need to correct. It could be a hardware or software issue that you can locate only with a review and analysis of your pumping infrastructure. Once corrected, you will see a marked improvement in the energy efficiency.


Changing Pumps – If you are using old, outdated pumps, then the best option is to change all the pumps. Older models are not as powerful and energy efficient as the modern pumps. If you choose to get new pumps like Grundfos CRE pumps, you will not have to worry about energy efficiency and power as they are designed to deliver the best performance. With the amount of energy they will save you and the considerable increase in output, these new pumps will pay for themselves in some years.


Hire Experts for Energy Optimisation – Why go through the above-mentioned hassles when you can hire experts who offer services like energy checks and energy audits. These experts will do a thorough analysis of your pumps and pumping systems, suggest actionable changes and improvements, and even provide accurate, data-backed reports on how much energy and money can be saved. This is the best option to optimise your pumps’ efficiency.


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