How is AC Motor Winding Done & Why Do You Need a Professional to Do It?

How is AC Motor Winding Done & Why Do You Need a Professional to Do It?


If your business operations involve the use of motors and pumping systems, you will require AC motor winding services for your motors someday. Motor, over time, lose their insulation resistance and become susceptible to more wear and tear. But motor rewinding restores insulation resistance, increasing the life of your Motor and improving its efficiency. This is a great, more cost-effective alternative to getting a new pump or motor.

Why Does an AC Motor Need Rewinding?
When an AC motor is subjected to overload, phase losses, high starting current, Rotor locking etc, there will be zero output. There will be more breakdowns and downtimes. These are signs that your motor needs to be rewinded. You do have the option of buying a new motor altogether, but that will be expensive. Consider this option only if your motor has become old. Then you can invest in a Grundfos water pump.

How is AC Motor Winding Done?
Here’s how electric motor rewinding is done:

  • The windings and stator are exposed after the motor yoke is removed.
  • Photos or videos are taken to document the state of the motor.
  • On the brush pads, take the wire. Very slightly bend tabs and take out the wire fully.
  • Free the stator and by cutting the coils free at the top in the wind. Carefully count the number of turns in every coil. This will help rewind so that you can rewind the motor to its original configuration.
  • Insulation paper change in all cases.
  • To rewind the stator you have to use the same magnet wire and gauge used originally on the motor. You may also upgrade to the nylon-and-polyurethane-coated wire.
  • For the best results, around every winding, ensure you replicate the number of coils and exact winding pattern tight and precise. The first coil has to be long and free enough to easily reach up to the first tab, so the last coil attaches to the exact point.
  • As you work along the wire, ensure it is long and all other coil are crimped down. But before crimping, use sandpaper or something sharp to clean out excess insulation from the wire and tab’s point of contact. Remove the precise amount needed for good contact or conductivity.
  • Connect the excess wire left from the first winding to the end of the last winding and the loose wire you left in the first winding to the tab where you began.
  • Check there’s no contact in the wires connected to the tabs.
  • Reassemble the motor’s exterior housing.

Why You Need a Professional for Electric Motor Winding
As you can see, the motor winding process is a tedious process that requires precision and accuracy at every step. And only a professional can execute every step correctly to ensure your motor is rewinded and assembled correctly. There are also many other reasons to hire a professional like:

  • They have knowledge and experience working with different types of motors.
  • Their service comes with a guarantee.
  • The motor is in good hands.
  • Correct repair jobs will ensure the motor performs better and lasts longer.
  • You will get complete value for your money.

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