How Grundfos E Pumps Can Help You Save Energy and Money

How Grundfos E Pumps Can Help You Save Energy and Money


In an industrial setup, pumps are one of the most energy-consuming aspects. They play an important role in operations and have to be frequently used. Studies show that 20% of the total power consumption is done just by the pumps. Therefore, if you want to save power and costs, you should consider your pump, because switching to the right E pump is the best move you can do. Grundfos E pumps are one of the most cost-effective and powerful pumps on the market, and you can buy them from Grundfos authorized distributors. But why a Grundfos E pumps?


Save Energy – The current Grundfos E  pumps are made with the IE5 MGE motor with Integrated VFD and Controller . This motor has been designed to deliver optimal energy efficiency. The condition under which the pumps are used is always changing which has an impact on its energy efficiency. To counter this, Grundfos pumps come with a variable-speed drive. This drive continually adapts to changes in condition and, ensuring minimal energy wastage.

Save Money – When it comes to running a business, energy is money. Energy expenses constitute a sizable part of the costs, and the current rising prices are eating away at profits. By switching to a Grundfos E Pumps , you are going to save a substantial amount on your energy costs. If you get an energy audit service done from an authorised Grundfos pump distributor, you will also get a report with approximate  figures on how much money you can save by switching to a Grundfos E pumps. Over time, these pumps pay for themselves.

Higher Operational Efficiency – Imagine getting the same or a higher performance from a smaller machine that uses less electricity. This is exactly what happens when you switch to a Grundfos E Pumps . Your operational efficiency will only increase, and power expenses will decrease, allowing you to take on more work, deliver a better output, and grow your business.

Get Technologically Advanced – Grundfos’ new line of E pumps are made from the latest technology and materials. And available  in Vertical as well as Horizontal orientation also ,( CRE,NBE,TPE)..  The E pump’s technology lets you fully control the output and efficiency, and you can easily customise them to your operation’s exact requirements. The pumps are available  in Cast Iron /SS304 /SS 316  stainless steel. This allows you to even use them for aggressive liquids. These pumps will serve you long and look good while doing so.


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