Grundfos Brings You Live Demos and Products Through the iTruck Show

Grundfos Brings You Live Demos and Products Through the iTruck Show

Why wait for an expo and travel far when the Grundfos iTruck comes straight to you? In a strong step to empower their customers, Grundfos created the iTruck, an exhibition on wheels featuring their best products, and even live demos of those products. This gives visitors a clear idea of Grundfos’ latest products and how ahead of time they are.

All through 2023, the truck visited many Indian cities (including Pune), and many people got a chance to interact, gain information, and see live demos of the best Grundfos products in different categories.


iTruck Stations
The iTruck was divided into different stations, with each station dedicated to a specific product category or purpose. Here’s how it works:


Station 1 – Welcoming & Registration
This is the first section of the iTruck where the guests are welcomed and registered for all the demos.


Station 2 – Temperature Control Section
In this station, all Grundfos production for temperature control is featured. Some of these products are also demonstrated in real-time. The products featured and their demo types were:

      • CRNE Level Control – Live Demo
      • Magna3 Loop – Live Demo
      • NBE Pump – Static Demo
      • CME Pump – Static Demo
      • CRNE Pump – Static Demo
      • TPE3 Pump – Static Demo


Station 3 – Water Treatment Section
The 3rd station features all products related to water treatment. Grundfos has made some innovative and ground-breaking water treatment products. This station showcased the following products and their demos:

      • Multi-E Booster – Live Demo
      • Control MPC – Live Demo Simulation
      • DDA Demo – Live Demo
      • DID and Direct Sensors – Static Demo


Station 4 – Energy Optimisation Section
The 4th station is dedicated to energy optimization in pumps. Grundfos has always been a huge proponent of energy savings. The company has even created energy audit and energy optimization kits. They even offer services related to energy optimisation and audit. Here’s what the energy optimization station has:

      • 43-inch LED Screens – These screens are used to showcase case stories and customer video testimonials on how energy optimisation has helped their business.
      • Energy Optimisation Kit – Static Demo – Guests can check out the kit used to detect energy optimisation potential in pumps.


Station 5 – VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) Podium with feedback section

      • VR Headset – The VR headset lets you get a 3D view and interact with Grundfos’ pumps.
      • QR for AR – Scan and get an AR view of Grundfos’ pump models and pumping solutions on your smartphone.
      • QR for Feedback – Scan and get a feedback form where you can give feedback on your iTruck experience along with ratings and suggestions.


The iTruck Show has been a game changer, allowing potential and current Grundfos customers to know about their upcoming products and their benefits, and lets them experience those products’ working in real-time. This show will continue so watch out for the iTruck Show in your nearest city.