From Installation to Performance: Why Grundfos BMS is a Game-Changer for Pressure Boosting System

From Installation to Performance: Why Grundfos BMS is a Game-Changer for Pressure Boosting System


There was a time when companies only got performance from their pumps and the rest took a backseat, but then companies like Grundfos Pumps emerged and revolutionized the pumping industry through innovations. They have introduced a new class of pumps that have set the bar high. Now, customers want their pumps to be of the latest technology that not only performs, but also is energy-saving, and technological advantages. This is what Grundfos is known for.

Yet again, Grundfos is bringing in another game-changer in the market – Grundfos BMS.


Grundfos BMS Range of Pumps  

Pressure-boosting systems are usually very inflexible and require a lot of maintenance and monitoring. To combat this, Grundfos has created BMS pumps that are low on maintenance, high on performance and flexibility, and deliver more power for a lower cost. Therefore, if you are looking to empower your business and operations, you should consider switching to Grundfos BMS pumps. Here are some noteworthy features of the BMS pumps:


  • Easy Installation – Unlike some overly complicated pumps that are on the market, Grundfos BMS pumps have a simplified design that allows easy installation. So, however complicated, or simple your pumping infrastructure is, BMS pumps can be installed in a minimally invasive time-consuming manner.


  • Long-lasting Durability & Looks – The pumps are made of high-grade stainless steel, which helps in high performance. Pressure boosting usually causes wear and tear in a machine but the high-grade stainless steel is resistant to it. The steel also makes the pumps look aesthetically pleasing.


  • Better Flexibility – Through output and input pressure variants, variable speed control, and a wide range of motor variants, you have better flexibility with the BMS pumps.


  • Smart Engineering – To further increase the pumps’ long-lasting prowess, the pumps have in-built thrust bearing and non-returning valves. This considerably decreases the wear and power consumption in the machine.


  • Low Maintenance – Owing to the smart designs and high-quality components used in the manufacturing of these pumps, you will not have to worry about constant maintenance and costs that come with it.


  • High Performance – The BMS pumps are specifically designed to enhance your pressure-boosting systems. No matter what application you use it for, you are going to get a much better performance than your previous pumps.


  • Low Power Consumption – Pumps account for a large share of the power consumption, but the Grundfos BMS pumps use power optimally. They are designed keeping in mind the increasing power costs and the pressure on industries to use power judiciously.


Where to Get Grundfos BMS?

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