Fire Fighting



Advanced fire safety systems are a must in industrial plants to protect workers from harm and keep the damage to a minimum. Industries such as gas and oil refineries and chemical plants possess a great risk of evoking fire. 

QPoint Engineering Solutions has years of experience and understanding of fire suppression and safety. Our skilled and experienced team of technicians works with the customers to understand their requirements and create a precise plan to keep fire at bay.

Fire Fighting Pumps for Sale

Plumbing systems are everywhere – from small households to huge chemical and mining industries. QPoint Engineering Solutions specializes in providing applications and solutions for: 

    • Static storage tank design and inlet and outlet sleeves coordination
    • A pumping system for water supply, dewatering, and sewer disposal
    • Supply of puddle flanges for water tanks
    • Water treatment plant
    • Domestic, drinking and flushing water supply for residential, commercial, industrial projects
    • Sewer disposal till disposal point with a silent/non-silent drainage system
    • Rainwater harvesting and connections to final disposal points
    • Shop drawings as per site requirements

We also assist our clients in obtaining water supply and drainage NOC from local government authorities.


HMI Fire Safety

HMI Gurgaon is where the Head/Corporate Office of Hyundai Motors India Ltd is situated. Qpoint is undertaking Plumbing, Fire Fighting and High Volume Air-Conditioning(HVAC) solutions for their commercial building by providing end to end solutions with state of the art equipments and strict quality control measures.

KIA Motors

Kia Motors has its manufacturing plant in Penukonda, Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. Qpoint has pioneered in providing Fire Fighting, Plumbing and High Volume Air-Conditioning(HVAC) systems for their entire facility adhering to all relevant industry standards.


Netsurf Communications Pvt Ltd has its registered office in Baner, Pune. Qpoint has done extensive works with regards to High Volume Air-Conditioning(HVAC), Fire-Fighting and Plumbing systems.

♦ Why is a fire safety system important?

While fire protection systems are recommended and helpful for all industrial and commercial places, laymen often misinterpret the recommendations by professionals. We at QPoint Engineering Solutions aim to provide a complete solution to our clients and help clear misconceptions about fire safety systems.

♦ Common myths about industrial fire safety systems

  • Sprinklers may accidentally go off or do more damage than fire.
  • Plants having fire and building codes don’t need extended protection.
  • Relying on manual fire suppression system is better.
  • Installing sprinklers in plants is enough.

The decision of not installing a complete fire safety system because of myths can lead the plant and the workers to potential, in some cases, unrecoverable damage. Our fire protection professionals help you understand the minute details and requirements and plan an advanced fire safety system for complete protection.

♦ Why QPoint 

QPoint Engineering Solutions offers a complete fire safety solution. Our fire safety core lies in a complete redundant fire system as it possesses two independent systems in a fire alarm. This acts as a dual precaution as the fire alarm still works even after a fault occurring in one of the circuits.  

Our complete fire safety solutions touch every aspect required and recommended in fire protection:

  • Fire detection and fighting system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarm system
  • Automatic and commercial sprinklers
  • Pressurized water fire extinguisher 
  • Fire suppression contractors  

Precaution is better than cure. Make your plant, factories and commercial places safe from the fire. Your fire protection experts are just-a-click away. Contact us today.