Everything You Need to Know About Excellent After-Sales Services

Everything You Need to Know About Excellent After-Sales Services


Your business might have the best products and services, but customers will still leave you if you have bad after-sales services. It is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and its importance has only grown in recent years. A study conducted in 2020 stated that 96% will never buy from a company if they experience poor after-sales service. This staggering number showcases that a modern business needs great after-sales service, especially if that business belongs to the pumping industry.


What are after-sales services?
Once the sale of a product is made, the following services and support a customer gets from the seller are categorized as after-sales services. These services are an important part of the customer experience. The modern consumer is always looking for a great experience from their product and service, and from the brand they have purchased the product or service from. There are many different types of after-sales services that businesses can provide for a great customer experience.


What are the types of after-sales services?

  • Guarantee/Warranty: This covers the product or service for repair, replacement, or refund for a certain period in case the product fails.
  • Live Customer Support: This is when customers get real-time support over the phone or the internet when they have a query regarding their purchase.
  • Technical Support: This is when customers get technical support for their product. Support is provided over the phone, internet, or by a technician visit.
  • Installation: Some products require installation, so businesses can provide free installation to create customer satisfaction.
  • Upgrades: Businesses can provide free upgrades to the hardware or software of their product. One prime example of this is applications providing free software upgrades.
  • User Training: Sometimes, users need to be given training on the use of their product. This training must be given free of cost by an expert.
  • Regular Follow-up: This is an excellent customer touchpoint where businesses employ people to just follow up with customers and get their feedback on the product.


Benefits of After-sales Service

  • Customers are happy with you, adding to the overall customer experience.
  • Customers will feel a certain loyalty toward your business and products.
  • The same customer will gladly buy more products from you.
  • They will refer their friends and family to also buy from you.
  • After-sales service is the best way to give your brand a good name among customers.


Qpoint Solutions provides all of the above-given after-sales services and more. The pumping industry is full of businesses that do not give excellent after-sales services. Many times, customers had to rely on third-party service providers, independent contractors, and untrained professionals. Realizing the need for excellent after-sales service, Qpoint Solutions focused on this aspect of business and has since then gone on to become the official Authorized Service Partner for Grundfos, the biggest pump manufacturer in the world.

Today, we are the best pump repair and sales company in Pune with an ever-increasing presence across the city. We see our clients as long-term business partners and strive to always be there for them, regarding all their pumping issues, irrespective of the time of day. We know that pumping issues can crop up anytime, halting operations, hence have a dedicated team just for after-sales service. Therefore, if you are looking for anything pump-related, Qpoint Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your solutions.