Energy Audit on Pumps: What Is It and How to Do It?

Energy Audit on Pumps: What Is It and How to Do It?


Pumps are an irreplaceable, indispensable part of operations in most industries. Since these industries require heavy output from their pumps, this results in a lot of wear and the need for pump repair services, leading to downtime. Some reports also suggest that industrial pumps waste up to 60% of electricity. This is a significant number, and if this issue is corrected, it can result in savings and higher efficiency. The best way to achieve this is through a Pump Energy Audit.


What is a Pump Energy Audit?

A pump energy audit is a thorough assessment of your pumps and pumping systems to map out their efficiency and energy consumption. Only an expert, who works for established industrial water pump repair and dealers in Pune, is professionally equipped and qualified to conduct pump energy audits.


Why Get a Pump Energy Audit?

As mentioned earlier, a large percentage of pumps used in the industrial sector waste electricity and are not functioning at their optimal. To fix these issues, save on energy costs, and get the best out of your pumps, you need regular pump energy audits.


How Does a Pump Energy Audit Work?

Trust only experts who belong to companies capable of providing the best Grundfos water pump repair and services. For a comprehensive pump energy audit, they follow standard practices and procedures like the following:

  • The expert will get information on all the pumps in your plants.
  • They will set up measuring equipment that is connected to the pumps to assess performance and power usage during operations.
  • Data will be collected and collated to assess the performance of all the pumps and pumping systems in your plant.
  • A detailed final audit report will be created that contains analysis and recommendations on how to improve your pumps and systems through maintenance, parts replacement, and new products.


To achieve business efficiency, minimal downtime, and high profits, you have to take energy audits on pumps seriously. Therefore, for such an important task, trust only Qpoint Engineering Solutions. We have an experience of more than 20 years and have conducted energy audits of pump for some of the biggest names in the industry. Be it submersible water pump repair and services, pump motor winding, or complete plumbing systems, we have the best team dedicated for providing with the right solutions. To Know more about pump energy audit service get in touch with our experts for a consultation and a competitive quote.