Dos and Don’ts of the Pumping World

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In the pumping world, a considerable amount of costs goes into pump health check-up services and other related costs. If you want to avoid incurring these costs and keep your pumps working for a long time.


Here are some dos and don’ts of the pumping world that you can follow and get the most out of your pumps.



  • Thoroughly study the installation guide and operation manual for the pump motor and controls before you start any process.
  • Make sure the pump and all its controls are in place and calibrated correctly before you switch it on.
  • All the electricity connections for the pump need to be of the right voltage and ensure the connections are secured.
  • All the piping connections also need to be properly installed and secured with the right pressure.
  • After you switch the pump on, observe whether the rotation is accurate and everything else is in working order.



  • Don’t ignore all the instructions provided by the pump dealers and follow them to the letter to ensure your pump installation and operation goes smoothly.
  • If any irregular sounds and motions are coming from your pump, stop the pump and don’t use it till a professional has had a look.
  • Don’t use your pump when there is an irregular electric supply. Inadequate supply or surges can cause the pump motor to short.
  • Don’t allow people who don’t know how to use the pump to install or even operate the pump.
  • Even if there are any minor issues with the pump and it’s still working fine, don’t ignore those issues and contact your pump dealer immediately.


Follow these dos and don’ts and you will not have any problems with your pump and pumping system. And additionally, you can invest in annual maintenance contracts for pumps with a renowned company like QPoint Engineering Solutions to keep your pumps in top shape.

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