Advantages of Having an In-house Test Bed Facility

Advantages of Having an In-house Test Bed Facility


Any engineer or technician can repair and calibrate a water pump but true issue resolution and performance enhancement can happen only with a test bed facility. This is one of the reasons why Qpoint Engineering Solutions is one of the leading water pump repair and maintenance companies in Pune.


What is an In-house Test Bed Facility?
The test bed is a platform on which a water pump is rigorously tested for various parameters to get an accurate evaluation and understanding of its performance. The test bed allows technicians to gain actionable insights into the pump’s functioning. These insights are then used to enhance its overall performance to the desired requirement.


Qpoint Solutions’ In-House Test Bed Facility
In our pump performance test bed, we have a strong capacity of Qmax of 300m3/Hr, Hmax of 25 Bars, and Imax of 1000 Amps. We look at the pump head (H), power (P), and efficiency (η) against the flow rate (Q). We also look at:

  • Motor’s speed, power, and frequency.
  • How the discharge flow is.
  • The power at which discharge and suction are happening.
  • Discharge flow throttling valve.
  • Suction pressure throttling valve.
  • Pump noise and vibration in real-time.


Advantages of Our Test Bed Facility
Whenever we undertake water pump repair jobs, we ensure each pump is put through our pump performance test bed. This allows us to give customers the best solutions and service along with the following advantages:

State-of-the-art – Ours is one of the best test bed facilities in Pune. It is equipped with all the latest tools and software used in testing water pumps. This gives us a technological advantage over others, which helps us serve with the latest innovations and advancements in the pumping industry.

Insightful – One of the key benefits of our test bed is that our technicians can collect a lot of insightful data about your pump. This data helps the technicians understand the functioning of the pump, so through some carefully crafted repair and calibration jobs, they can boost performance, reduce electrical consumption, and solve deep-rooted issues. This insightful data empowers us to bring your pump to its optimal best.

Multiple Water Pumps – Our test bed has been designed and equipped to handle any water pump of any brand. From inline water pumps to submersible water pumps, our test bed can thoroughly test any pump. So, irrespective of what brand of pump you have, we can accurately evaluate it.

Best Technicians – We have the best team of dedicated technicians in Pune’s pumping industry working in our test bed facility. Their experience and tech know-how are unmatched, and you can rest assured of excellent services and solutions for your water pumps and pumping infrastructure.


Qpoint Engineering Solutions has always led from the front in bringing technological advancement and innovation to Pune’s pumping industry. This foresight and dedication helped us become the 1st Grundfos Authorised Service Partner. Therefore, call us today to take advantage of our in-house test bed facility to ensure your pumps are performing their best.