5 Reasons Why Motors Fail and How to Avoid Them

5 Reasons Why Motors Fail and How to Avoid Them


All types of motors suffer wear and tear over time with increased use. The challenge is to ensure that the motor does not fail, and this can happen. Once the motor completely fails, even actions like electric motor rewinding won’t help. You may have to invest in heavy repairs or buy a new motor altogether. However, if you want to avoid that, know why motors fail and what you can do to prevent it.


Reasons for Motor Failure & Solutions


1. Overheating – One of the most common reasons for motor failure is overheating. More than half the motor failure issues arise from overheating. When a motor’s temperature increases more than 10 degrees of the recommended temperature, there’s a 50% increase in breakdown chances.

How to Avoid – Do not overuse the machine which is the main reason why it overheats. Keep the machine cool at all times, and you can even keep the surrounding temperatures cool for better performance.


2. Electricity Overload – Another commonly occurring issue is electrical overload. This can happen due to faults in the electrical points or poor installation of the motor, or power surges. The right installation is in your hands but power surges can be out of your control.

How to Avoid – All motors come with clear instructions regarding installation and power supply. Follow this to the letter. You can also get a surge protector for additional safety.


3. Excessive Vibration – Sometimes, motors that are poorly installed are subjected to vibrations that can hamper their functioning. The vibrations cause additional wear & tear and end up causing the motor to fail.

How to Avoid – Proper installation is the key to avoiding excessive vibration. Your motors and machinery need to be installed by a professional.


4. Low Resistance – Encompassing all the above-given issues is low resistance. When the windings’ insulation fails and degrades, it causes a plethora of issues and results in improper isolation between the motor windings and conductors. This leads to motor failure.

How to Avoid – By using AC motor winding services, the insulation has to be monitored regularly and needs to be replaced if there is any sign of wear & tear.


5. Motor Contamination – Motors get exposed to many contaminants such as dust, chemicals, particles, and foreign bodies. These affect the functioning of the motor and can even cause dents and blocks on the bearings and raceways, causing high amounts of vibrations, and leading to motor failure.

How to Avoid – The best way to prevent contaminations is through cleanliness. The location of the motor and the tools used on the motor have to be regularly cleaned. You can also implement industry best practices regarding cleanliness.


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