Temperature control

When it comes to temperature control QPoint is an experienced partner to team up with, offering expert know-how within.

    • a. Heating
    • b. Cooling
    • c. Refrigeration.

Whether your system operates above or below zero and whatever is running through the pipes, we have got the pumping solution to match your requirements. Even difficult liquids like carbon dioxide, and ammonia and flammable liquids are handled with great efficiency and care, promising smooth and safe operation at all times.

In addition to an impressive range of high-quality circulation pumps, we offer an array of motors, speed controls and monitors that will improve the energy efficiency of the system.

If you are building a new system, we recommend that you talk to us as early in the development process as possible. By far the majority of our pumps can be easily adjusted to match your specific requirements and optimise the entire system.

As a truly global company, QPoint is always by your side. Or by the side of your customer. We are present in 45 countries and with 600 service partners we make expert know-how and support easily accessible in the local language. The unique global set-up also guarantees quick delivery of spare parts to every part of the world.