Compared to a water supply system that distributes water and ensures sufficient pressure at the end-user, transporting wastewater requires a wide range of pumps to keep the wastewater moving with pressure.

Depending on topography and local regulation, a mix of gravity sewers and pressure sewerage systems may be required.

QPoint can cover all eventualities, from large-scale, fully-customised pumping stations to complete prefabricated submersible pumping stations; from large axial and mixed-flow pumps that can cope with moving vast flows of surface or storm water at low head to sewage grinder pumps for pressurised systems with small amounts of water and small lifting stations for transporting effluent away from buildings. Furthermore, QPoint supplies complete control and monitoring solutions.

QPoint solutions are designed specifically for pumping installations and all the components are fully integrated from the start. The sustainability of wastewater transport over time requires that the pumping solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation.

Experience with project design means QPoint can ensure energy optimisation solutions that do not compromise reliability, is able to keep your pumps running during replacement or refurbishment projects, and builds in risk minimisation and sustainability into solutions. This is done, for example, with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations at the design phase, Life Cycle Cost analyses for entire pump systems, and pump audits for energy optimisation.

QPoint has decades of experience developing controller and monitoring systems for pumping solutions and manufactures its own pump motors for all fluid types and flow requirements. This ensures a perfect match with hydraulics, motors, electrics, and all other mechanical components that make up a comprehensive pumping solution, ensuring the best possible efficiency point.

The high-efficiency motors developed by QPoint combined with dedicated variable speed drives meet and in some cases exceed the requirements set by motor-efficiency legislation around the world. Considering that on average 85% of a normal pump system's Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is energy costs, switching to high-efficiency motor technology can mean a LCC reduction of up to 50% and a reduction in environmental impact.

Control and monitoring systems increase the potential for improving both efficiency and reliability. QPoint supplies external variable speed drives (QPoint CUE), Dedicated Controls and internet-based supervision (QPoint Remote Management) that are fully integrated into a pumping system. Dedicated Controls enable easy controlling of typical and special pump functionalities such as energy optimisation and anti-blocking with an easy-to-use SCADA interface. QPoint monitoring and control systems include plug-and-play communication interfaces that communicate with 95% of the communication standards available on the market.