Water treatment the Qpoint way - Purify your business with efficient water treatment solutions.The dosing pump range also offers mechanical dosing pumps, which are capable of dosing up to 8,000 l/h and of handling up to 200 bars in special applications.  

If you are in the market for highly reliable water treatment solutions, Qpoint expertise will meet your every expectation. As a full-line supplier we cover the entire water cycle from supply and treatment to distribution and ensure that each step is provided with the exact required water quality. Regardless whether you are looking to make drinking water out of seawater or to carefully handle ultrapure water.  

As masters in dosing, Qpoint offers advanced digital dosing pumps in addition to the wide range of mechanical dosing solutions for pre-treatment and disinfections purposes. The digital dosing pumps have been specifically designed to safely and precisely dose even very small amounts of chemicals – all the way down to 0.0025 l/h. This makes for cost-effective operation, as you do not waste expensive chemicals on overdosing. In addition, the risk of destroying your product by adding too much chemical is efficiently eliminated. And because the dosing is continuous, thus eliminating the frequent, stressful starts and stops as well as potential corrosion, the pump promises longer life.

Qpoint range of water treatment solutions also includes supreme disinfection systems as well as measurement and control units that can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

A water treatment solution by Qpoint can be customised to optimise complex and demanding industrial processes – and professional support is never far away. As a truly global company, Qpoint is present in 45 countries around the world, allowing you or your customer easy access to know-how and support in the local language.