QPoint and the food industry - Get a taste for optimum solutions. If you are looking to optimize your food production, QPoint has the know-how to help you do just that. We offer models specifically designed to handle viscous, delicate or temperature-sensitive ingredients.

Our full range of sanitary pump solutions and plant service systems caters to the specific needs of:

                                 a. Dairies          b. Chocolate and confectionery factories        c. Food processing plants


All QPoint sanitary pumps are made from surface-treated stainless steel, allowing no contamination to take place. Naturally, all pumps are CIP-compatible to ensure that the cleaning of equipment does not only live up to the very strictest of standards but is also time-saving. The result is maximum uptime – and in turn a more efficient production.

On top of the sanitary pump selection, QPoint offers a complete range of plant service systems, enabling us to cover your entire production floor. And the benefits of choosing an experienced and truly global partner go beyond that. You will also have easy access to professional support, outstanding spare parts service, efficient pump audit and user-friendly online services. Regardless whether you produce cheese in France, chocolate in Australia, milk in Russia or dressings and sauces in the US, we know the importance of consistent quality – and are dedicated to nurturing your reputation. Batch after batch.