Grundfos and the Beverage Industry - Refresh your business with dedicated pump solutions. If you are looking for a partner in pumps who truly understands the challenges encountered in fermentation and mixing processes, Grundfos is the obvious choice.

As a full-line supplier we are able to provide you with high quality pumps and pump systems that will cater to your every application requirement in:


  •                  1. Breweries     2. Juice productions    3. Soft drink productions     4. Bottled water productions    5. Wineries     6. Distilleries

Grundfos’ experience within the beverage industry goes back 150 years. This allows you to draw on comprehensive pump and application know-how from an ally who is dedicated to nurturing your reputation by ensuring consistency in your product. Batch after batch.

Our thoroughly tested range of sanitary and non-sanitary pumps offers reliable solutions that easily comply with even the strictest hygienic standards as well as with the safety requirements in hazardous environments. In addition, a complete range of plant service systems enables us to cover your entire production floor. Naturally, Grundfos pumps can be customised to meet individual application requirements.

As a truly global company, Grundfos is never far away. With 80 sales and production companies in more than 50 countries you are guaranteed easy access to local support from pump experts committed to providing you with top-of-the-line solutions that will benefit your production line. Today, tomorrow and long into the future.